It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!


Every year the timeline creeps forward. Beginning in November, we see Christmas decorations getting put up in the shopping centres accompanied by the piped Christmas carols to boot.

The term ‘Premature Tree Ejaculation’ has even found its way into our vernacular this year.

There is also a healthy debate about just when these things should be done and exactly how long you should keep them up for (in case you’re interested!). 

Jokes aside, while some people love this time of year, for others it’s a time of pressure and stress as we get ready for family arriving, kids demanding the latest (expensive) toys and last-minute trips to the supermarket.

It is a time for sharing, however, and while we enjoy spending time with our customers we are pretty sure they don’t want to see us over the holiday period (it’s OK, we do understand).

We’ve put our top three tips below to help avoid an emergency visit and help you to hopefully enjoy a stress-less Christmas

  • Fix the drips – just you know that you need to press the tap handle fully down or jiggle a toilet button to stop it from dripping, doesn’t mean your visitors will. A mega-expensive water bill post-Christmas isn’t on anyone’s wish list, so get those leaking taps or running toilets seen to before the masses arrive.
  • Prevent drain disasters – check that it’s drain-safe before it gets flushed down the sink. Oils and grease from the turkey should never go down the drain. Instead, use a paper towel to wipe up the residue, or tip the leftover oil in a disposable container to put out with the trash. A great little tool to help avoid accidents with your drain is a sink strainer.
  • Mind the gap – if you have a full house, ask your guests to allow 15 minutes in between showers. The benefit is two-fold, no cold showers and your drains will have time to clear.

And of course, if you do need emergency plumbing support over the Christmas break, don’t forget to save 0456 575 424 into your phone.

We wish everyone a stress-less Christmas and a safe and happy new year.

Merry Christmas