Bathroom renovations on your mind? It’s no wonder, with television shows like The Block propelling the home renovation world into full force.

We spent last year drooling over Josh & Elyse’s round winning bathroom, eyed up Ronnie & Georgia’s kitchen styling and loved Sticks & Wombat’s recycled outdoor shower from backyard week.

So what will the 2018 #blockheads bring us?

One thing we know we’ll cringe at, is the position that some of the contestants will get themselves into with their budget. 

How does this happen? Well, the vision of the end result and the work that actually needs to be done to get there are quite often very disconnected.

We often come across frustrated home renovators experiencing budget blow-outs or delays. For whatever reason costs haven’t been properly calculated or fully scoped and/or the owner wants to do everything as cheaply as possible which has led to the wrong cuts.

Cutting corners to get something installed might be a quick fix, but is it really going to be worthwhile in the long run?

Norm & Jess bathroom

“But Gumtree said it was stone??”

While it’s understandable you want to keep costs down when you are working within a budget it is important to ensure that you get quality, unbiased advice and take it onboard before you start.

One thing we cannot stress enough – always ensure your tradespeople are fully qualified and licensed. 

This may be a no-brainer for some but it’s surprising at how many people fall into the trap of using unqualified services. Some trade seeking sites such as True Local and HiPages will verify that the business has been either police, license and/or insurance checked but you can also do this yourselves, by checking out the Service NSW site.

Communication is also key – make sure you understand up front (and preferably with signed, written agreement by both parties) of the works ahead so that everyone is on the same page with what is included and what could become a variance, and be prepared that there will likely be a variance, particularly if you are knocking down walls and moving plumbing points. 

We found two short articles that cover some of the other main things that you need to think about and have shared them below to help you on your journey.

The first is from our friends at True Local and provides 5 tips for those wanting to give their bathrooms a refresh (i.e. can’t quite afford the full reno just yet!).

The second is from the team at Inside Out who walk through the 8 Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Renovations.

And of course, if The Block is your source of truth for renovation, why not check out the five things that the judges say every season about bathrooms, for some quick win tips.

Check them out and of course, if you need a plumber at any stage of your refresh or renovation, give Lime Plumbing a call on 0456 575 424.


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