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Last week we shared a Facebook post about Bowel Cancer Awareness month, because while it’s something we can’t avoid in our line of work, we’re not really sure what the state of our own poo means for our health.  

Just like blocked pipes in our homes, sometimes our human plumbing doesn’t work quite as well it should

But unlike calling a plumber in to diagnose the problem, it can be a tough road to working out what’s causing your digestive issues.  The rise of processed foods in our diet is thought to be one reason behind the significant increase in food intolerances and allergies in recent years.  

Common ingredients in everyday meals include gluten, soy, dairy, and nuts and, adverse reactions to these are often identified through a quick blood test by your family GP.  For some, slightly more ‘intrusive’ investigation is needed (yes, we’ve been there *shudder*) before the exact issue is pinpointed.

Identifying just what’s going on in your belly as early as possible is important, both for relief of symptoms and for your long-term health. We all know how serious (as in, immediately life-threatening serious) eating nuts may be to someone who’s allergic, but other conditions can cause issues that compound over time to be just as nasty.

Take Coeliac Disease for example – if left undiagnosed, people may be at higher risk of bowel cancer.

So as June is Bowel Cancer Awareness month, with the positive message that early diagnosis saves lives, what better time to act on any niggling gut issues that just won’t go away?

Make that appointment with your GP to get to the bottom of the problem. And in case you missed it over on Facebook, here’s a handy reference guide to check your poop texture now.

check your texture

Several of us here in the Lime family are what we call ‘dietary-challenged’ and in upcoming blog posts we’ll share some of our tips and tricks for loving life – and food, because as our customers know we love our food – with intolerances and allergies.

Yes, we know it’s not as sexy as fixing blocked toilets or replacing hot water systems, but we think your internal plumbing is worth the attention!

Of course if it’s the other kind of plumbing that’s giving you the runs, contact us at 1300 MR LIME for a thorough investigation.