But it’s so much bigger on the inside! 

A familiar cry for avid Dr Who fans, but not so much so when it comes to tiny spaces in real life, such as your small bathroom.

If you follow us over on Instagram and Facebook you’ll know just how much we love a beautiful, spacious bathroom.

We also love city living and the simplicity of apartment life, but the trade-off is often in space. No, not the inter-dimensional type (how awesome would that be!), but the kind that is lacking in many inner-city abodes.

We’re always on the look-out for space saving hacks for our own home, so here are our top tips for making the most of your small bathroom.

Use your illusion

Paint it white. As much as we loved – and they hated! – Troy & Bec’s black bathroom on this year’s House Rules, keep the colour palette light to avoid the feeling of walls closing in on you. Using larger floor tiles, horizontal wall tiles, glass shower screens, and expansive mirrors will also help create the illusion of space.

Small bathroom

Hang tight

Where there’s a wall, there’s a way. Whether it’s suction shelving, repurposed spice racks, shower curtains with pockets, or baskets hanging from the ceiling, make use of every available inch.

On the loo

Over-the-toilet storage might seem a little icky, but there are some clever ways to use this space that won’t compromise on hygiene. Like a nifty storage unit with racks for sealed storage jars, plants and towels (just remember to keep the loo lid down when not in use.)

Bathroom shelving

Mind the door

Forget the solitary towel hook. Hang multiple towels with an over the door hook, dry clothes with an over the door airer, and expand square footage with an over the door shelf.

For more small bathroom hacks check out this blog for fun storage ideas, Pinterest for loads of space saving illustrations, and Lifestyle HOME for clever design concepts to create an amazing bathroom that will really feel like your own personal TARDIS.

If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, read our earlier blog on this, or call 0456 575 424 for a pre-reno consultation.