Earlier this year we saw many news reports about the horrifying reality that Cape Town residents may soon be completely out of water.

Out of water?  How can this happen!

It’s crazy that in this day
andage a city can find itself in this situation. However, with the population growth that Cape Town had experienced along with over-development, droughts and the effects of climate change it’s no surprise.

What was even more frightening was the initial casual approach by a large majority of citizens to the care-free use of water, even when requested to lessen their use.

So, this got us to thinking.

Could this happen in Sydney?


Thankfully that’s unlikely, accordingly to Western Sydney University scientist Dr. Ian Wright, despite the current drought conditions.

Dr. Wright stated recently that while most east coast cities have experienced water stress, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney have built large dams with massive storage capacity for residents.

It would be naive, however, to sit back and relax thinking that it’s all OK.

Sydney-siders will still play a big part in making sure this situation never happens in our city, and we can do this by taking stock of exactly how much water we are using and implementing some pretty easy water-saving hacks. 

We’ve written previously about some of the plumbing related water checks that you can do:

Implementing just a few of these things can make a difference, not just to your immediate water bills but also for the future.

Save Water


As for Cape Town – while initially the residents didn’t heed the warning for conserving water, it seems they realised the seriousness of the situation.

The outlook is still tense but they have managed to buy themselves a little more time until the winter rains (hopefully) arrive, by reducing their water usage dramatically.

So how did they do this? We’ve shared some of the more original water-saving hacks below!

  • It’s not just about the carbs – some residents have started limiting their pasta and mashed potato dinners, as cooking these two staples use large pots of water. Save your water, save your waistline.
  • BBQ baby – we don’t need an excuse for a BBQ, particularly when it’s finger licking good. Eating straight from the grill to save on the sink water (and the dish-pan hands) = simple.
  • Let’s get naked – this one might be a little left-field but for some Cape Towners, it seems that giving up on the idea of wearing clothes at all to avoid getting them dirty or food-stained is a winner. Another resident found that spraying a vinegar & water mixture onto her child’s school uniform and hanging in the sunshine for a few hours meant that the uniform could be re-worn for several days, avoiding running the washing machine.

While these might be a little extreme, it has given us food for thought and we’ll definitely be thinking about how we use our water – maybe even sans clothes.

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