Water efficiency.

It’s a hot topic at the moment, particularly considering the ongoing drought situation that many of our states are experiencing, along with the shift in awareness relating to conservation and cost savings.

We often receive queries about water efficiency certification and while there is no formal certificate to be issued, we can undertake certain tests to determine whether or not a property is indeed, water efficient and confirm this in writing.

The main reason for requiring water efficiency certification is for property owners.

A property owner is entitled to pass the full water consumption charges to their tenant only if:

  • the rental premises are individually metered
  • the rental premises are water efficient
  • the tenancy agreement states the tenant must pay for water consumption.

So how do you reduce your water footprint?

For property owners, it’s about making sure the appropriate water restrictors are applied to areas such as the shower, kitchen and laundry taps.

Water saving devices Minimum water efficiency standard required
Internal cold water taps and single mixer taps for kitchen sinks and bathroom hand basins A maximum flow rate of nine litres per minute
Showerheads A maximum flow rate of nine litres per minute
No leaking taps No leaking taps anywhere on the premises at the start of the tenancy or when the other water efficiency measures are installed

For those wanting to simply lower their water footprint and/or save costs, it’s about purchasing water-efficient appliances.

According to www.energy.gov.au, the biggest water users in the home are washing machines, showers, taps and toilets.

The www.waterrating.gov.au site encourages people to ‘look for the water rating label or text advice on all products regulated under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme. The label is designed to help you make informed choices about the water efficiency of products you are buying’.

There are many other things you can do to save water usage in your property and we have noted some great resources below.

For more info and handy tips: 

If you need support in carrying out water efficiency testing, give us a call to book your job in.