Blocked Drains

It’s the worst timing.

You’re rushing out the door to an appointment, or you’ve just come back from holiday to find you’ve got a blocked drain, and there is water (or worse, sewage) all through your new carpet.

While there are just some things you can’t control, there are also things that you can do to limit the likelihood of having to deal with blocked drains.

The most common things that will contribute to a blocked drain are ‘flushable’ wipes that join together and form fatbergs, children’s toys and tree roots.

So how can you stop blockages from occurring?

  • Take care with what you put down your drains – invest in a sink strainer, and if you have young children a latch for the toilet.
  • Educate your family, friends or flatmates about what’s OK to flush and what needs to be disposed of another way.
  • Keep the areas around your drains clear, and your gutters clean.

Unblocking the block

Clearing a blocked drain can be through a simple plunge or may require a high-pressure jet blast. If the root cause of the blockage can’t be identified or shifted, then further investigation using camera technology will be necessary.

The benefit of using a camera means we can identify, treat and work with our customers to prevent any future blockages, rather than clear an issue temporarily and come up against the same problem six months down the track.

We often hear of customers who have spent big money on an emergency plumber to clear a blockage, only to find that a week or so later the same problem re-appears.

You can make sure you don’t fall into this trap by researching who you use and ensuring that they are thorough in their investigations.

Lime Plumbing will always explain the situation in full, and make sure you are across any future risks or works required to avoid a repeat blocked drain.

In some cases (particularly in our lovely old neighbourhood of Annandale) the pipe-work that is in place is old, so the best solution is to replace them entirely or at least re-line them. In this circumstance, we have a vast network of plumbing and pipe professionals in place and can facilitate this process for you.

So, if you’ve noticed your toilet or shower starting to back up or not drain away, then this is a critical indicator that your sewer is suffering. We recommend you jump on this quickly to avoid a more significant issue.

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HOT TIP:  Make sure you have a sewer diagram handy for your plumber – this will save time (and maybe even money).

I couldn’t recommend Peter more. I called him this morning with a blocked sewer and he was on-site in half an hour and had the whole issue sorted for us not long after that. He is a great communicator and manages the customer’s expectations very well.

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