Hot Water Systems

Nothing beats a long hot shower at the end of a hard day, so it can be a little frustrating when your hot water system suddenly decides it’s time is up.

Alongside age there are a number of reasons why your hot water system has packed it in. If it’s a new system it could be that it hasn’t been installed properly, or for older systems there could be issues with malfunctioning or damaged parts.

Whatever it is, it’s best to call a licensed plumber right away so you can obtain a professional opinion on the best solution.

Lime Plumbing is trained to service and replace all kinds of hot water systems, ensuring the best solution for your needs.

How long should a hot water system last?

The average hot water system will last around 10 years, depending on the type of tank and the quality of the local water, however it is possible to get much longer out of your hot water system by making sure it’s regularly serviced and while homeowners can carry out basic visual checks such as we have listed below, a proper service needs to be carried out by a qualified, licensed plumber.  

  • Check for rust & leaks – any sign of corrosion, water leak or dropping around the safety valve is a sure-fire sign that your system is in trouble.
  • Sacrificial anode – rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? These important little metal rods are used to prevent corrosion inside your hot water system. Over time, they can degrade and should, therefore, be replaced regularly. Check your system manual (or search the internet) to see what the manufacturers’ recommendations are. 

Lime Plumbing are experienced in carrying out full water system services, or, if it’s an old system and you are looking to replace it, we work with a number of well-known brands such as Rheem, Dux, Rinnai and Vulcan and will provide you with unbiased advice depending on your budgets and needs.

In some circumstances, you may also be eligible to apply for a cash-back when you install a new hot water system so be sure to research this with your electricity company or another relevant provider before proceeding.

There are many things to consider when replacing your hot water system, and the team from Choice have written a great overview of some of these including whether you should go for gas, electric or even solar.

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