Water Leaks

Did you know that water leaks, particularly leaking taps can waste up to 200 litres per day?

That’s right, leaking taps alone can waste up to 200 litres a day – that’s up to 70,000 litres a year if left unmanaged.

And aside from wasting water and messing with your sanity, water leaks can also put a big hole in your wallet when it comes to the power bill.

From major leaks that require pipe replacement or relining, to that annoying little tap washer that needs replacing, Lime Plumbing does it all.

Water leaks can happen almost anywhere on your property. Whether you have an old home, brand new apartment or a commercial business, water leaks do not discriminate. They can be a source of annoyance, a financial implication and also a challenge to find and fix.

If you suspect you have a water leak and can’t pinpoint where it is coming from, carry out the checks below before calling a plumber to investigate.

  1. Make sure all the taps in the house are fully turned off – there should be no source of running water.
  2. Locate your water meter and check the gauge. If it’s still moving, then it’s very likely that you have a leak.
  3. Spot check your garden area to see if there are any damp patches. If anything stands out, it’s a sign your pipes could be in trouble.

While there are plenty of temporary things homeowners can try to stop water leaks, we strongly recommend you engage a qualified and licenced plumber at your soonest convenience.

Lime Plumbing will attend the site, carry out a thorough investigation to determine the source of the leak and provide you with options for repair.

Tap washers – to change, or not to change

These days it’s pretty easy for anyone to pop into Bunnings, grab a few washers, and YouTube instructions on how to change them over to stop a leaking tap.

While this might work well for some, we often get calls from homeowners who have run into difficulty when re-assembling the tap. If you are going to give this a try yourself we urge you to thoroughly investigate your tapware and if you get stuck, give Lime Plumbing a call.

When we attend a job for a leaking tap we will always provide several options – change the washer, re-seat the tap or fully replace.

These options and the benefits will always be fully explained so that you can make the most informed decision.

It could be them, not you

If you spot a leak outside of your property (such as on the footpath or road) then give the team at Sydney Water a call.

More information

Check out some great water saving tips below and help save the environment, not to mention reduce your water bill.

Peter fixed some leaking taps for me this morning. Very reliable and great communication. Left everything clean and tidy and very reasonable. Would highly recommend him for your next plumbing job.

Lynne (Source: Facebook)