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Blocked Drains
Blocked Drains

It’s the worst possible timing – you’re on your way out the door to an important meeting or you’ve just come back from holiday to find that something has blocked up and you have water (or worse, sewage) all through your new carpet.¬†

While there are just some things you can’t control, there are also things that you can do to limit the likelihood of having to deal with blocked drains.

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Blocked Drains
Water Leaks

Aside from messing with your sanity, water leaks can put a big hole in your wallet when it comes to the power bill, not to mention the unnecessary water waste.

Leaking taps alone can waste up to 200 litres a day – that’s over 70,000 litres a year if left unmanaged.

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Blocked Drains
Hot water systems

Hot water systems should last between five to ten years, depending on the type of tank and the quality of the local water.

To get the full lifespan out of your hot water system, it’s important that it’s maintained and while homeowners can carry out basic visual leak checks, a proper service needs to be carried out by a qualified, licenced plumber.¬†

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