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Water Leaks

Did you know that water leaks, particularly leaking taps can waste up to 200 litres per day?

Water leaks can happen almost anywhere on your property. Whether you have an old home, brand new apartment or a commercial business, water leaks do not discriminate. They can be a source of annoyance, a financial implication and also a challenge to find and fix.

If you suspect you have water leaks, there are a few things you can do at home before calling a plumber to investigate.

  • Make sure all the taps in the house are fully turned off – there should be no source of running water.
  • Locate your water meter and check the gauge. If it’s still moving, then it’s very likely that you have a leak.
  • You can also do a spot check around your garden area to see if there are any damp patches (that aren’t related to one of our wonderful Sydney storms). If you find a spot that stands out, then it’s a sign your pipes could be in trouble.

While there are plenty of temporary things homeowners can try to stop water leaks, we strongly recommend that you engage a qualified and licenced plumber at your soonest convenience.  Lime Plumbing will attend the site, carry out a thorough investigation to determine the source of the leak and provide you with options for repair.

If you spot a leak outside of your property (such as on the footpath or road) then give the team at Sydney Water a call.

Check out some great water saving tips below and help save the environment along with your water bill!

 Water Leaks